Angst and Anesthesia

Ah, anesthesiologists.  They are either one of the great blessings of an L&D experience or a gigantic pain in the…well, you know.

Like most folks in a hospital setting, anesthesiologists are busy people.  They are responsible for the pain relief of an entire floor of laboring women, anesthesia for C-sections both scheduled and emergent, and sometimes on-call for other large-scale emergencies that come through the ED.  And in a culture where most women feel nothing less than entitled to a quick, easy epidural and yet circumstances may require an anesthesiologist’s presence in the OR for 2+ hours simultaneously…well, you can see the dilemma.

However, I digress.  Anesthesiologists, while undoubtedly busy, are no less strapped for time than everyone else in the hospital, and when the decide to pitch hissy fits over the small stuff…it can get interesting.